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Bryony Williams Returns with Nostalgic Anthem ‘Trip Me Up’.

We dig it! A slice of playful indie matter, ‘Trip Me Up’ sounds fresh, positive and electrifying. In fact, it’s the perfect vibe for March, when spring is creeping on us and change is on the horizon. The track shares a certain frizzy character that just motivates the listeners to get out in the world and explore social connections, something that’s good to be reminded of once in a while! 

‘Trip Me Up’s guitar sounds are extremely luscious, drenched in shoegaze and retrowave energy, while managing to stay in the pop and indie realms. Penned by British creative Bryony Williams, the record flourishes on her charismatic vocals, embarking on a sweet, nostalgic musical journey. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Williams explains: “At the core of Trip Me Up, I essentially wanted to revisit typical old school, prom-like romance we get from films made in the 90s, but with a modern twist”.

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